CRUSHING  A silent wind blows by, I open wide my arms and softly breath in as I tilt my head towards the sky. Upon bringing it back to its normal position, I notice a simple looking lady with a captivating smile.  With realization I find myself smiling and gazing her bright beautiful smile without permission. She chuckles with disbelief and shakes her head for a while, Then begins to walk towards me. Suddenly I feel my cheeks light up with a blushing sensation.  Noticing this my heart beats rapidly, settle down and keep quiet I tell it, But it obeys me not. Adrenaline rushes through my veins like heroin through a junky slow down and go back I tell it,  But it obeys me not, instead it says to me “quit whining you old knot”.  As she gets closer my thoughts begin to tell a story as they imagine and previsualize the wonderful things we see, Hey dispatch those thoughts I tell them, but instead they shush me saying “hey keep your voice down, can’t you see we’re busy crushing on someone”.   She finally stands in front of me and says hi, but my brains too lost in the beautiful sensation of what the eyes see. She taps me by the shoulder and sends an electric chill down the spin that shocks me back to existence.  My brain snaps back to reality and I say sorry ive got a lot on my mind how are you, she smiles and say fine, She smiles and gently skits as walks away knowing that on her am crushing with no resistance. - Emmanuel Rayan Daka (Le Red InkHeart)   


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