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It be like a love song playlist for hours on end. It be like falling asleep to the classics on repeat. It be like "Can't get you off my mind" as my day goes on, and on, and on. It be like the world go round like my body in the sun, shimmering with the widest of smiles. It be like telling your friends every minute a reminder of them. It be like your friends telling you to shut the fuck up for the umpteenth time. It be like a glass mirror, reflecting back the strong like you see before you, practicing what to say should the moment turn from daydreams to night fall. It be like scrolling through Facebook to look at their pictures, wondering what they think of you, wondering if a kiss would turn the both of your hearts into a synchronized rhythm. It be like phone calls and texts. It be like "The first impression is a lasting impression." It be like "I wonder where this could go." It be like diary entries with questions to God about signs and subliminals. It be like "What if?", unless your turn it into what is....


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