The Cruelty of The World

Wed, 10/02/2013 - 23:43 -- joey15x

A cold day,
Five people abandon in the snow.
Fire running low,
Greedy they all are.

A man with diamond rings,
Beheld a bark,
Grips it,
And pulls it back.

A woman, dressed in rags,
Beheld a twig,
Looks at the diamond rings,
And pulls the twig away.

A child, naïve and scared,
Begins to tremble,
He looks and the firewood he holds,
Glanced at the adults and pulls it away.

A man, different from color,
Stares at the man with rings,
His enemy, his master,
With a twig on hand he pulls it away.

An elder, sick from the cold,
With neither proper clothing nor a twig on hand,
Stares at the people,
And would rather die.

They blankly looked at one another.
Almost waiting for someone to give in.
This want a contest,
But the reality of the cruel world.


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