The Crow

On a chilly Autumn’s night
With the fire burning bright
Two lovers are lost from sight
And a crow takes its flight.

One year later
The crow returns
While in the distance
The fires still burn.

The crow brings back
A man from the dead
His heart filled with sadness
And his eyes seeing red.

The man paints his face
White with a creepy black smile
There in the place
That made life worthwhile.

He sets out to kill
The gang that came
On that dark autumn night
Those who murdered his name

First comes the man
Who played with his knives
Used as a message
That everyone dies

Second is he
Who liked to have fun
And was killed with his needles
Instead of a gun

Third is a man
Who played with fire
And had finally caught Top’s attention
That things were looking dire

Fourth is a weasel
Claiming victim in this brawl
The dead man replies, “Victims,
Aren't we all?”

Last is the one
Who sent them that night
To burn down the building
Who had no reason for fright

The battle took place
Around where Top stood
And the dead man did
All that he could

Finally Top fell
The dead man’s soul was at peace
All was again well
His nightmare would cease

He stumbles to the grave
Where he was laid to rest
And sees his lover standing
In her white wedding dress.


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