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I felt my eyes shut tight and my hands begin to rise,

towards my ears, trying to block out the ghastly cries and

heinous shrieks of those who had

nothing more to hold on to, nothing more to try and survive for,

finally letting their voices shatter as they decide to let go and surrender to the

heartless tanks and free-winged drones that took their lives and the lives of those they loved.


But was it the tanks that were heartless and the

drones that gave themselves the freedom to fly?

Perhaps its more reasonable to say that all this was by the

will of man to allow or naught the

bullets and bombs to ricochet off the

innocent bodies and that they have targeted simply for the way the people

dress and the way they speak of their well-known-to-be true religion.


But why  can we not seem to stand up against

the many things we know very well to be wrong but

they know as "ISLAM", the true Islam that teaches its people to

seek revenge in extreme barbaric ways?

Is it because of our cold hearts, selfish souls, and mindless bodies, or

is it because we do not mind the cold, selfish acts that break hearts, crush souls, and leave bodies mindless?


I let my eyes loosen as I felt my hands drift away from my ears,

sounds of moaning and groaning still filling my head,

but from a distance now.

I know there was no way for me ALONE to change this

wreck of a world we called "home", but

it felt worse to know that

if the distance between myself and their cries for help got

ANY    L   O   N   G   E   R

I too could be said to have become just as cold hearted, selfish souled, and mindless bodied as

the sickening men who moved their weapons and artillery forward.

And as I finally felt my body relax, I felt my OWN voice say aloud,

"There isn't any time for silence anymore."


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My community
My country
Our world
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