Crazy Little Girls

Everywhere I go, she always seemed to be there 

I just can’t seem to shake off the little girl 

Her bright blonde hair in pigtails and eyes filled with excitement and determination 

Her mind flooded with the clouds of a recent brainstorm 

A storm that clearly made her go on overdrive  

She seemed to appear more often whenever I hung out with my best friend 

He thinks she probably just wants to be my friend 

I think she’s just crazy 

Lugging around that red notebook she seemed to scribble in like her life depended on it 

I caught a glimpse once 

Pages filled with multiple names

Each one connected to another name 

Seemed like a type of hit-list or something 

Things took a rather weird turn when she began throwing plastic arrows at us 

It seems like I have a wannabe cupid stalking me and my friend. 


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