crazy how one would take their life away
How knives,blades,sharp objects
Can become a hazard threat to life 

Crazy how many people are down 
Lonely,sad,depress,but still walk around with a beautiful smile on their face
Telling themselves their alright
but deep down knowing it's a lie
To themselves and others 

Crazy how `help' is called on only when aid is needed 
Little was it known that covered in sheer material Was responsibilities,possessions,and lives to care for 

​lead you into becoming `aids' foundation,support,and glue
Leaves you in a battle field that isn't your own 
Fights that's not your

Crazy how much more life,hope,and dreams there is with bars 
Than life,hope,and dreams without bars 

Crazy how words,looks,and sounds can change ones path for good or bad
for the better or the worse 

Crazy how you can't differentiate the ticks and tocks of a timer for a dead line With the ticks and tocks of an explosive bomb of anger

                                                                                 ~Shirlynn Cleophat                             
This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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