A Crack in Your Smile

I saw a crack in your smile today,

When they laughed at your enthusiasm

Pain flickered for the briefest of moments, so quick I almost missed it.

But the next second it was gone, disappeared into thin air as though it had never existed

Covered with a grin that didn't reach your eyes

It was then that I realized, I had never seen you with any other expression than a smile

And so now I'm wondering, how many times has a flash of your pearly whites

Hid from me the tears pooling unnoticed in your eyes?

How many times has laughter hidden the lump in your throat?

This cheerful disposition that you've led us to expect,

A shield to hide the crack in your voice when you're truly upset

Everyone has bad days, and you've hidden yours well

And for that I am sorry, only today could I tell.


I saw a crack in your smile today,

When they joked at your expense, and I stayed silent

As a friend, I failed you, and no empty apology can fix the past

So instead I beg you for a second chance, knowing (mostly, but with some doubts) that you are not mad with me, though you have every right to be

I am mad at myself, for leaving you victim to their ridicule

You seem forgiving, which is why should you not remember the incident I will understand your confusion towards me for writing this poem

But I write it anyway, and give to you a promise that I will most certainly break without knowing an infinite number of times

That I will no longer trust the message of your smiles, and instead look for the hidden wetness of your tears

So that should you ever trust me enough to frown or cry,

When your smile shatters, I will pick up its pieces with lovingness and care.


I saw a crack in your smile today,

Has anyone told you before, it's okay to break?

Free your storage of hot tears, and let them run down the sides of your face

Catching in the dimples and wrinkles of your forced smile

That has ruled the emotions of your face for years past

Or have they only said, be careful not to frown?

And so the pins to pull up your cheeks are hidden beneath your freckles

Gums stretched and blood dripping down your throat

Can't you hear your insides scream?

Feel the dust on your tear ducts burn into your eyes,

Natural green clouded with the blue of tears you will not shed

And so you drown, and all we see is your usual grin.




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