The Crack of a Skull

My chest hurts.  It splits and aches and twists.

I cannot express myself enough.  No one hears what I say, no one sees what I see.

These words from my heart, from my chest, from my soul – they are the only way to describe me.

A word smith I am not,

A poet no one has ever accused me of being,

But I feel as though I ought to have a shout.

 A say.


Words have more meaning than anyone can know.

See them and feel,

Let the emotions flow.

All around my youth there were noises

Noises I couldn’t block out…

No matter how hard I could try.

I can still see and hear it all

In my mind’s eye there she is.

She wasn’t strong, she wasn’t particularly brave, but she was mine.

And when the crack of her skull hitting wall echoed through the house

I was silent.

When the sound of her sobs died away late into the night

I was silent.

When there were bruises on her back

I was silent.

But now I will say.

I will shout

I will SCREAM.

Don’t be silent. 

Never be silent.

Because no one should crush another’s dream.

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