Covalent Bond

Science is the world coming alive the moment I open my eyes to look at you and ceasing to exist the moment I close them again, falling into a fitful REM cycle that feels endless but has only just begun. Biology is noticing the way your face flushes when you look at me, feeling my stomach stir like butterflies slashing holes in my gut as you cast your eyes upon my frame and decide you like what you see. Physics is the distance between my heart and yours, the kinematic formula of how deep my love for you will run if this continues. Chemistry is you touching my body and starting a fire in my mind. Dopamine floods my brain, mixing with phenylethylamine and forming a chemical equation that leaves me drowning in you. Psychology is knowing that my feelings are a fact, known not only by us but by every living thing to ever glance in our direction. Science is fixed, a statement that cannot be disputed no matter how far along the argument is stretched. The sky is blue, the grass is green and love like ours has never been seen.


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