You Saw Me For Me When I Didn’t Believe
You Never Gave Up On Me
You Taught Me To Be And Face Reality
Without You I would Not Be Here Today
Let Me Just Give You An Idea On What I Am Trying To Say
When I Was Down And Had No Where To Go
You Looked At Me And Said Let It All Go
You Weren’t Just A Friend You Were A Role Model
You Taught Me How Not To Kept Everything In A Bottle
I Told You My Mom And I Never See Eye To Eye
And How My Grandmother And I Fought All The Time
You Are The Only Person Who I Talked To
The Only One Who Knew What I Was Going Through
I Want To Thank You For All The Things You Did
Even Though I Am Just A Kid
Every Word You Told Me I Will Keep In Mind
Just Because You Were Oh So Kind
I Am A Better Person Because Of You
Honestly All I Am Trying To Say Is
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