Cotton Candy Skies

I remember the end of June, 

Oh my, It was like my favorite song,

but except now it sounds out of tune.


We would look up,

Wondering what we got ourselves into,

You would say I'm yours, just like a tattoo.


As time went by,

I would fall more,

You promised me and never wanted to say goodbye.


"I love you"

What a short word,

I would smile and say I do too.


I was excited for this day,

Nothing came,

just brought back memories of what you used to say.


Now there's nothing to say,

The day seems gray, 

filled with emotion here to stay.


I look up once more, pink, purple, oh. 

This cotton candy sky reminds me of a time,

A time when we both were fine.

This poem is about: 
My family
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