The Cost of Freedom


Standing in his Navy blues,

Heading for a life he decided to choose,

Never knowing if I'd hear the news,

Of his life I couldn't  loose.


In his arms, he held me tight.

As the tears I tried to fight.

He started to walk to his flight,

I gave a small smile with all my might.


Standing at the viewing glass,

Trying to maintain my class.

Holding onto his collared brass,

I said a prayer for the soldier's in mass.


Off to fight a distant war,

From sea to land, they will spar.

Defending our freedom's from afar,

Those returning will have a scar.


The fireworks will rain,

Reminding them of the pain.

On their mind's like a stain,

Those brother's that were slain.


Coming home they aren't the same.

Some can't even remember thier name.

You will never hear them place blame,

As it would cast a shadow of shame.





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