Poor little girl

hair ironed straight

as a bow

Arrows aiming to throats of humanity-

Natural covering

of beauty within

has to be air brushed


Hold on-

I've got to cover in layers-

petrified you'd be seen

two faced

one side more insecure than the next

So you paint the opposite

to match the other.


Freckles are a disease,

spreading across the body

a mark of beauty

is whited out by

others that think it's a mistake


Hair made shiner

teeth get whiter

lips made fuller

nails get glossier

boobs pushed higher


Trust me

I know the fear

weighed down by gear

twist, turn, pluck, tease


Bathed and lathered in perfume

to produce the smell of "woman"

Labelled "seductive" or "sensual"-

Is it consentual that we want to fund

the companies that sexualize women


Plaster us on build boards

posing photoshop

as a role model for our youth


Nothing is the shade of perfect

Ways another product to

promise results that haven't worked before.

"Hang on, I just wanna fix my face"


Organics only,

bred without chemicals,

this sign says "made all natural".

Just an accessory to go with the skin you were grafted with


See my canvus that holds color

My hair that's complimented my highlights

Don't make up my features,

let my features makeup themselves.


Why will we always waste time on cosmetics,

looking like you is a blessing.

Don't disguise it

This poem is about: 
Our world


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