A Corrupted Tapestry

There is but a tapestry

Woven over the years

Laced with the delicate lives

Of all those who lived before me


I am but a single thread

Spinning endlessly until

My end, just a piece

Of the grand design


The pattern depicts our nature

Our destruction and demise

The change we’ve brought

Upon the Earth


Not just on the Earth

But also on ourselves

We have brought about our own demise

Such an unfortunate end


A woven masterpiece

Of dark colors and spindly treads

Depicting our unfortunate nature

The filth of the human race


I have been trained

By some grand master weaver

To spin the same path as those before me

A pattern of disgust


Yet I am in charge of my own path

The pattern of my life

And so I cause a break

In the long-spun, corrupt design


A simple snag

Can cause a hole

That ruins the whole design

Challenging our past nature


I choose to be an unruly thread

To live life as I choose

To try and make a difference

To be a hole in the grand design 


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