The Corporate Noose

Wed, 03/04/2015 - 01:53 -- Zakey93


The Corporate Noose.

Yes, the Corporate Noose!

The ensemble of tightly stitched fabric which hangs from the front of the neck then hangs loose.

Most commonly worn in the workplace and one by every race.

Yes I wear the "Corporate Noose". I wear it for the prestige.
I do it for the money.

I do it for the future opportunities that will be presented to me.

This homeless man here has
no job, no food, no decent sleep.
No not me! because I wear the Corporate Noose do you see?

I get my bi weekly check from my 40 hours a week.
This thing which swings from the front of my neck is a constant reminder of those who came before me,
fought before me,
and those who died these privileges we call opportunities.

The Corporate Noose is more than that I designed to be appealing to the eye.
It's the style in which we used to die and a fashion that caused our loved ones to cry.

Used to be a thick brown rope. now it's the finest silk or cotton you can wrap around your throat.

I do this because to some is better than what I was.

I do it because I pray that my next job it's better than what my last one was.

I apply hoping they call back.
I worry they don't call me back because I'm black.

They finally get back to me at their earliest convenience with the news. "You're hired!"
So I get up off my ass, put on my white shirt and suit. Then to top it off, I put on my Corporate Noose.

The same thick brown rope that used to strangle us from the back of the neck has been transformed over the years and now drives us to put on that slick tie and put on an act.

All for that check.

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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