From the Corner

You know...
I have this craving
They say at my age
That a base, hormonal
Is basically part of
The teenage package

You know...
I have this feeling
I have this longing
Have a need
Standing, silently pleading
Reeling in the tide
When that moment-- your eyes on mine
Pulls me under
The flutter of hearts
Amplified, almost like
A clap of thunder

And I wonder,
Is it just me
Sitting in the corner
Knees to chest
Doing my best
To keep my eyes
Glued to the floor
Waiting for a door
To open
And hopefully
Will join me

Together we'll hide from the storm
Keep our souls aflame
Our bodies warm
To each others touch
Pulses rushing
With nowhere to go
Except closer

This poem is about: 
Our world



Feedback is more than welcome 😁


That's beautiful, so heart touching;


Thank you ❤

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