Cop Killings


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United States
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(Situation in Ferguson, inspired by who wrote C.O.P,Criminals of Permission) 


My name is Jesus,
& i'm Riding in the car with my son in the back seat, 
my son tells me "dad i wanna be a cop when i grow up",
So i said
Son the only man that protects you is me, 
These cops won't protect you
they're the reason you'll be in jail when you grow up
with a broken hand only because
you said the wrong things and 
found it unfair that they were tackling you 
to the ground and stamping your face in the ground 
they'll break your nose if they have to 
just to put you in handcuffs only because
you say things
that hurt their feelings,
they're more sensitive than your great grandma
more paranoid than a person with Parkinson.

The only thing they deserve is death to them, 
and let me tell the whole world 
only because they're in uniform with sirens 
on their cars they aren't like the firefighters
or the ambulance that drive by to save your life,
they aren't like 
those people that save your kids from burning to death 
in your house because they were playing with fire while you were asleep.
The job of the cop is to show up and kill 
your daughter who has schizophrenia 
because she is walked towards him with a knife 
but he did not realize that she cannot make sense of reality 
her mind doesn't work the way his does. 
Her knife versus your gun,
Mr. Officer why didn't you just get in your car,
why didn't you taze her why'd you have to shoot her? 
She's dead now, 
you killed a kid whose retarted, 
and i bet you feel like you did what your were supposed to do, 
your life before any one elses 
why don't you tell that to her family. 
She may have been your next president for all you know, 
oh wait i forgot she's whacko,
she's the same as any criminal right ? 

My son had a dream last night 
where he was playing cops and robbers with his friends,
then a cop rolled by, 
he pretended to be a robber and 
pointed a squirt gun at the cop, 
the pig then pulled out his shot gun 
and blew my sons head off 
my son woke up crying and i told him 
that it happened in real life 
he didn't want to believe me. 

These people in uniforms aren't what they once were,
they're mission isn't to serve and protect no more, 
they're here to be your enemy,
and tell you what to do.

How about one day i walk out of my car at a red light, 
where there's a cop in front of me while he's texting on his phone, 
and the reason i'm angry is because the reason 
they give tickets for being on your phone 
is because there was a 9 year old kid 
playing ball with his cousins 
he could have sworn the driver saw him but no 
instead the driver wasn't even paying attention
ran over the kid coulda sworn it was a bunny,
congratulations this kid can no longer talk or walk.

In the car i have a buddy, 
to my left there's a black 12 gauge shotty, 
we approach the cop,
throw a brick in his windshield 
pointed the gun straight to his cheek, 
i told him to put his hands up, 
he did and made no sudden movements
i told him i got permission 
from the people to kill him 
how does it feel 
it's the same way that terrorist was killed by his own people 
this is what happens when you start to slip up, 
that man you killed in Ferguson came to me 
as a ghost and said it was alright 
to do this 
i guess you think i'm crazy just like that little girl, 
except she could barely walk 
let alone even know how to use a knife, 
but not me,
i have perfect legs and perfect hands 
perfect brain and what you gotta realize everybodies 
brain is perfect, 
as a matter of fact they'd probably lock me away 
for writing this because i don't seem
to fit the standards of society 
put me in a cage with all the other people 
that you call psychopaths 
and when you say, "Sir please remain calm"
you know what i'll respond?
"Don't you see? I am calm i'm not the one with 
who needs to decide what his last wish will be,
oh you have family ?
So did that kid, 
you have a son? 
How about that killed you killed 
in that car,
for pointing a toy gun at you. 
You know what screw it, 
these people don't do it 
because they've realized they'll never be able to look at you 
to protect them."

When my son grows up, 
and comes home with gun shots to his head,
i'll ask him what happened,
And instead of his answer being that someone mugged him, 
it will be that a cop shot him because he was 
walking through a dark alley with a hoody 
and his hands in his pockets.

And what do they say about it ? 
Oh well. 


Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression. Always let poetry fill your life. Keep expressing your heart.   

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