To the Cop Haters


To the cop haters

who don't know what they do for you

who don't feel the pain they feel.

Some of America's most compassinate people

are the ones who serve and protect.

So don't launch into some

Rodney King-like tirade around me

because I will fire back

with the stories of my father.

So what, he doesn't want pot legalized?

That's because he's seen first-hand

the damage it can do to people,

because once they start a "harmless" drug

they can't stop

and they need a new fix.

Sorry he busted your booze party;

he was just doing his job.

And you don't know

how much it hurts him

to see an under-age star athlete

throw his life away

in the name of alcohol.

I've seen him come home

with mud on his boots

a new scar on his face

and a look in his eyes.

Like he's seen a ghost.

Or he's been crying.

So don't tell me he's a bad person,

because he cares

more than you can comprehend.

People judge me

for who my daddy is

as if I wanted to change his profession.

Well guess what?


I love him for who he is

and I'm proud of his job

and what he stands for.

You might be a cop hater

but at the end of the day

I'm proud to be a cop's daughter.








Your dads an asshole and so are you for defending him. I've had a few cops 

help me but I've had alot of cops hurt me. Everyone who brakes a law is a

bad guy. And hes the good guy. Give me a break. Power hungry jerks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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