"cop this"

if i died today i bet no noise'll
get made so many minds in disarray, might get laid
by one of these bullets these cops have a craving to spray.
whats there left to say.
nobody listens, they claim we crying wolf.
yet we still in an era where the black man secretly
has to clean the white mans foot.
they live outside the seams but expect us to live
within ridicule and inside the books.
forget the criticism and cynicism I'm on my opposition.
harsh words slammed to my mental get the deposition.
judgmental condescending folk blind yet try to put everything to a mirror.
they dont know that we are all one folk.
your us and we're you.
but like lava ontop of a diamond surface.
that ideas hard to seep through the surface.
people create ideas and values.
but they never learn to create peace.
unlimited spirits with stoppable views and ideas.
once they see a black male these cops first notion
seems to never be to speak.
nobody is their very own body.
we dont get to choose, so why do cops feel they got the right
to take out our humanity.
like a bully creating a frighten child's insanity.
how'd cops become bullies when they are suppose to stop them.
they need to re-evaluate their decisions.
and we need to re-evaluate how to stop them.
i say we just cop them not kill 'em
we all still the same people so when we hate one we hate ourselves.
so we need to cop this reality and in reality reframe and refrain ourselves.
cuz this current society needs to just change itself.
cop this idea and just de arrange ourselves.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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