Conversation With Cigarettes


Hey, what’s your name?

I’m so charming, i’ll leave a bad taste in your mouth. But don’t put me to blame.

I’m the perfect fit for you.

All it takes is a couple dollars and an ID, and I am all yours too

It’s just me and you baby so let's keep this on the down low

I’ll show you all the greater things on the go

like how it feels to step outside numerous times a day for no given reason

I’m kind of a bad influence, but you love it, for it has seasoned on you.

I’ve got you sneaking out, hiding me from your friends, spending all your cash.

You’ll wish you never met me but

From the first touch, you were mine

Baby, I love you.

Put me up to your mouth and let myself fully envelope in your lungs

I may turn them black,

but you’ll have fun while you’re at it.

There comes a time when you can’t hide me anymore

When you can’t tell your friends that smell is something else when you walk in the door.

That taste in your mouth still persists

You are told I am bad for you, and you admit

So I am told to leave.

But baby, could you leave so easily?

We’ve been at this so long;

the Reconstruction Period has tried to stop it from going on

It’s easier said than done

And as a matter of fact,

You think this is fun.

You are drawn to me.

I am your drug.

I am your nicotine.

Baby, I love you.

Isn’t this always what you wanted?

But now i guess that is punted to the side

In the love stories, that irrespirable love that they always talked about?

This is a lifelong love you signed up for the minute you bought my carton.

So in that case, death do us part, so there is no pardon

You are my juliet, just let me be your romeo.

Star-crossed lovers destined from the start,

When fate splits them apart.

Without you, there is no point for me on this planet.

I can’t just go find another when you are my only one.

I am stuck to you as you are to me.

I am a part of you, there’s no more “occasional”

Don’t Stop. Please?

Baby, I love you.  

Those coughing fits? merely weak lungs.

Those yellow teeth? Buy different toothpaste.

Those wrinkles under your eyes? Get more sleep.

Hello? Hello? Are you even there? At least give me a peep.

You can’t just ignore me.

It’s been days, you have to give up eventually.

I really wish you wouldn’t act out like this.

I hate when we get in these fights with these wordless fists

But I know for a fact

You can’t leave me, for you are lacked without me inside you.

Try to watch me leave and get a headache that brings you right back

You quake at the sight of me being gone so here’s what you lack:

A pack of reds.

A symbol of my love

Go ahead and buy it

You deserve it, it's yours above all else.

It’s so nice to see you back, my love.

I knew you couldn’t resist.

Baby, I love you.



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