Mon, 10/03/2016 - 14:48 -- x0abbie

Tweleve years old,

  that's where it all changed.

The blues, the thoughts.

Till fourteen I was saved, until the demon walked into my world.

  I was left abuse,

  I kept quite,

   and then one day I had enough with satan

 Till the summer in two-thousand and sixteen. 

Experinced things I never thought would happened.

Each day I am blessed with the life I have. 

For being sixteen years old,

I am mature.

Not because of the conflict, but on how I react to a situation.

Life is wild, life is beautiful and it is up to you on how you view the world.

Continue to be thankful for what you have

Continue to fight each day

Continue to be yourself

Continue to love yourself

Continue your happiness..

As for I,

I continue to fight, I continue to be postivie, I continue to focus, I continue to strive for my future.




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