Contentment in the Midst

"More, more." They say,

"More, more."

These voices won't stop

This emptiness won't be filled enough

"More, more." These voices continue to say,

"More, more."

More of what?

More friends.

More money. 

More clothes. 

More make-up.

More photos.

More success.

More attention.

Our minds panic at the thought of not having enough.

But what is enough?

Hoping that we'll finally find satisfaction, we grasp these things so firmly.

But we never truly get a glimpse of contentment until we choose to let go.

During these moments, I decide to lose grip by connecting with my Father.

'Cause whenever I'm with Him, nothing else matters. 

My soul burns with passion and love,

I feel free,

I am no longer worried about being accepted,

And I am reminded that my God is enough. 

He is more than enough.

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Awe, I love this <3 Great job!

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