The rain falls slowly,

Tap tap tapping my window.

Silver rivulets beautifully warping outside.

A mug of coffee in my hand,

A warm fire to sit by

with a book held in my other.

Lee Maracle is the author.

A blanket draped 'round my shoulders

my dog napping nearby.



Feelings I haven't felt before

Slowly swirl inside of me,

burrowing deeper

and making a home within my heart.


Tired, but not sleepy


Totally relaxed.

I move into the kitchen,

Book and coffee still in hand.

I stare out the window.

The rain does its work well,

making the whole world more vibrant.

The grass and trees are greener,

the blooming flowers pinker.

Calm, content,

a sigh escapes my lips.

Today is a good day.

A soft day.

A get away day.

Feeling better than yesterday.

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