constellation of hope

Mon, 05/19/2014 - 16:49 -- chrono

I've been wandering these streets for years now

Searching for answers to questions i dont know

Hoping to find them in strangers' eyes

Telling myself if i look hard enough i'll see their pain and sorrow, and know i'm not alone.


But i dare not stare for too long for they'll see it in mine

So i bury my face in my despair, hope to drown in this pain

Feel it fill up my lungs, corrupt my soul, drag me to the wombs of sorrow, then i'll have somewhere to belong.


But there is a light in me that refuses to die

That can't burn brighter, but wont fade away

That whispers to my heart that happiness lives somewhere, and she is waiting for us

In a place where friends and lost family are longing to see us

Where love has no price, is pure and sincere

Where despairing souls can call a home.


But i've felt too much heartache to hope

Why wont these whispers quiet down, resign my soul to sorrow

I cant take dissapointment no more, i cant stand to defeat again.


But that light refuses to go out

It alights my desire for happiness

So i'll fight this cold war one more time

I'll brave my fears another night

I'll weild my hope as my sheild, and swing this light as my blade

For one more fight.

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