How are we conscious if technology is our escape
We are stuck on monstrous devices controlling lives
Just the government doesn't see it through our eyes
Adolescents are insomniacs
The elderly are being braineashed
By this messed up economy
We will never be free
The constraints on society have never been tighter
Brains strain over worked so we reach for a lighter
It's only making the rich richer and poor poorer
Selling cheap liquor to beggars
Instead of giving bread to our brothers and sisters
We watch from our home as a dystopian society
Is rising into power without control
Because those in control want the power
And so the cycle of life goes
Hopefully we won't make the same mistakes our parents chose
For our children I fear about how they will grow
Will they benefit or be like us children of the Indigo
Water freely flows but now where it's supposed to go
Propose a toast to changing the world as we know
We cannot grow old thinking this is normal
It is far from it and people are acting immoral
Immortal souls the only thing to put our mind at ease
What if on the other side there's nothing
And all death is that component of us stopping to breathe
I've been to the other side and all there is is darkness
Useless to stress
We will never know until the days of our own death's
Why has fate delt a card we could have kept
This knowledge needs to be said or laid to rest
At least I'm not the only one feeling anxiety in his chest
Addicting the games we playing
Adding addiction to the list of failures
We are the children with bright futures
Don't take it away from us spreading fear and propaganda
No conscious rest for teenagers
We've been made into the first line of artificial intelligence
We share basic intellect with common insects
Basic instincts and they will call it animalistic
But at the end of the day we all offspring of Homo-erectus
Just with a faculty of evolutionary difference

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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