The Conquerors

We conquered and we conquered

with ideals of manifest destiny

ringing in our ears

thoughts of salvation

we brought with ourselves

only to leave behind

cries of devastation and fear,

And yet still we conquered

dividing nations, people, and family

with superiority laced in our actions

and crawling through our minds

we try to say it's for their own good

diluting our minds

with delusions of grandeur,

But no one can lie

in the face of God

And yet they still conquered and conquerd

subjugating all into their ways of life

letting no spark of rebellion arise

"assimilate or die" they said

and even after this

all the terror,pain, and death

after the tears dried

from sore red eyes

and blubbering lips

with millions of lives lost

And yet they still went on

to conquer and conquer.





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My country
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