Conquering Darkness


S. H. Rider High School
4611 Cypress Ave, Wichita Falls, TX 76310
United States
33° 51' 36.126" N, 98° 34' 7.4028" W

I have wallowed in my pain

I have seen the worst and best

side of me.

I was lost, running on a beaten path

this was a life i knew all to well

then the light shone through

and chased my fears away

and i ran, ran basking in that beautiful light

yet still the darkness tried to hold me

i was afraid

i was lost

at least until my inner self caught my hand

she pulled me onto the beaten path

there was light here though

i seized her close

i open my eyes and i stand alone

but that is fine

i am stronger now, happier now

as i stride forward on calloused feet

i have conquered darkness

and now i wait for fear, and i shall

conquer thee the same.

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