Who are you to represent me?

You don't understand me.

You don't know me.


Who are you to say you've best intention?

You don't understand what's best.

You don't know what's best.


Who are you to stand up high, head to the sky, and thank the lord for all?

You don't understand my lord.

You don't know my lord.


You're so far removed from the 99%. 

You're in the pocket of the 1%.

You don't understand the rest of us. 

What we feel.

What we sacrifice.

You don't know the rest of us.

How could you? 

When the cloest you'll get is for a picture?

To be shared, but only for the press?


You don't understand us.

You don't know us.


You don't understand me.

You don't know me.


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