Confusion of the Teenage Love


United States
41° 43' 28.7544" N, 87° 32' 58.11" W

I love him...I love him not...He loves me...He loves me not...He trusts me? Yeah he does. Why do I feel differently about him than he does about me? Why are our thoughts so opposite? It's like our thoughts are varied about each other. I seriously thought that I knew what love was, but as I have gotten older, it's like I don't trust love. I don't trust anyone. Once upon a time, I trusted you with everything, except for devotion. I was hoping that you would drop your bad habits for me. Every time I ask about these occurrences, it's always an excuse between the two. We then get into these arguments like "Screw you, I hate you, I'll move on in a heart beat". Being suckers for each other it turns into you calling me and then you telling me you sorry. I love you but have to realize that my heart hurts too. I've been contemplating. I've been wondering is it me or it's too hard dating. Hmm.. maybe not. Maybe it’s just you…or me. How can I trust someone if I don’t trust my own family? Goodness.


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