I like you, I'm not gonna lie,
   But l like you like an unlikely guy likes the most liked girl who just happens to like that unlikely guy because like her, he's sees more than meets the eye.
   And he questions if she likes him back because now a days people don't know if they "like like" someone or just "like" them,
   Maybe they "like liked" someone but it didn't workout so they say they just "liked" them,but not like that.
   We live in a world where people have the authority to like or not like others pictures, like if we're some type of King or Queen who was given the Devine right to be an unlikable ruler but still have hundreds of followers who feed off them, like an insect.
   You say you like me, but I'm confused,
Do you like me like that unlikely guy, or do you like me just for this moment because I'm not like other idiots, who just like you because you have a likable body?
Do you like me for me?
Or Do you like me because I'm like the sweet loveable guy who everyone likes but no one "like likes".
   Like shit I'm confused, Don't play games with me like your a game show host, I'm not some random that you liked, like 2 years ago, I'm that guy that liked you because unlike other people, I fell in like with you.

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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