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My mind is my timemachine.But its different from others'. It's sources of energy are nostalgia, hope, but most importantly imagination. Looking back pre-school was just yesterday; often times finding myself in trouble because of roaming thoughts becoming manifest into verbs and actions that I inteded to release or didn't. the concept and practice of sleep was so vital, time was set apart just for every young soul to partake. returning back to the present time, various thoughts still erect in the interparts of my mind, yet I have a more robust dominion over what I intend to be freed from my being. Looking towards the future, even though the next minute, the next bodily movent, the next breath, isn't promised; I have a cystal clear vivid view of my life of success I am pursiung through whatever carrer path God guides me through, content...that I am doing what I love, sculpting my passion into reality. A visionary, is what I adress myself as, though I am told time and time again that it is nearly impossible to excel in life with my current surroundings, I let there discouragement dissolve in the ever radiant faith I posses that I hold the power to change this earth, reaching to every soul, one word at a time.



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