"Confident Enough?"

How are we supposed to move beyond yesterday
When we are not confident in tomorrow?
How can one moment you be so sure...
and the next time feel borrowed?
How can all the joy we found, be remembered now as sorrowed?

How can time go on long enough for things to change
How can u look up, & your entire life's been re-arranged.
Time keep's ticking, think we're getting comfortable,
I am secure, but now I feel strange. 

When a year goes by and every thing is still the same
How can you put your self into some thing so deep
but you loose out on some thing else, again to retreat
because feelings of insecurity swarm,
even though I have removed the thorn,
When is secure in ur mind going to be the norm?

Things will never find their equilibrium
when will life find it's momentum.

When will you feel secure in what you know is true
When will you know that there is love & friendship too
& the both come far and few, & none the less they both are true.

I know that loving some one with a big heart is tough...
but when will you be confident enough?



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