Confidence Goes A Long Way

I don't the exact date that I decided to be happy

The day I realized that the girls who didn't care what everyone else thought seemed to have the most fun


But I do remember the first time I wore my favorite feather earrings in public

Nervously, and under a hood until halftime


I remember wearing makeup to school for the first time, in December at 16

No one laughed, or pointed out the disharmony of it with my scarred knuckles and boy clothes


I remember when I finally left the library, and followed a girl I barley knew to the cafiteria

And we became good friends for the rest of high school


I remember forcing my shy self to start making eye contact,

And realised that his eyes were not brown but gentle blue, and that they had been smiling at me


If a year ago, you had asked me

"When was the last time you sat alone?"

I would of shrugged and not told you



Today, I smile broadly at the question

Because I honestly can't remember.


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