I could feel you on my skin
like summer heat
I start to feel a drip
I'm glistening
I bite my lips
because I am excited
but also nervous

This isn't the first but it feels like one
guess it's in different clothing
The way I'm open to you
makes me feel vulnerable at the knowing
that you can see all of me

It's in a brief moment
when you meet my eyes
give me that smile and tell me it's alright
and say you've got me now
I never realized those words were what I wanted to hear so much
I spent years thinking I was undeserving of love
but then you came and made me feel in different ways
saying you wanted more than body talk
and liquid parties
you wanted all of me like how you gave all of you to me

I turn to you and ask why did you choose me
out of all the glitter eyes and dazzling bodies
my body is not as toned as her
I've got hips that only get curvier
and I've got problems
you know of those episodes
my name was passed around school
the girl that broke down
and was sent to a mental hospital
I asked him why he treats me like the sun shines from my back
and why he keeps me in sight
like I'll leave and never look back

He said the Queen in you
calls out to the King in me
I never gave up on you
because you saw the light in me
and I love your brown eyes and your entire body
those hips make my mind wander
and your lips don't do any better

But it's your mind and your soul
the way you push me to maximum potential
that has me yearning for your presence
and I never want to let go
I wake up every day with the goal
to make you laugh and smile
All because I love you

So I brave through the storms you create
because without you I could not be the same
pour your fire all over me
but my decision will not change
prick me with the thorns from your leaves
I might cry out and get angry
but I will never leave because I love you and you only

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