Confessions of a Homecoming Queen


 Smile and wave, laugh at the jokes,

 If only they knew it was all a hoax.

 Perfect hair, Shiny nails,

 Masking all the times I failed.

 Why do you have a C in math?

  Anger in my parent's face,I absorb the rath.

 "Why don't you straighten your hair?" my friend inquires,

  Maybe because people accepting my curls is one of my desires.

  I don't speak my thoughts, Homecoming Queens do not argue.

  But maybe I wanted to...

  Maybe I wanted to be the girl who didnt care how she looked when she laughed,

  Or was not only hit on by morons with a six pack.

  Maybe I wanted people to know how I love to read and write,

  Or maybe I wanted to be the girl everyone was scared to fight.

  But here I sit in class with glossed lips and correct posture,

  If only they knew I was a complete imposter.





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