A Confession

This uncontrolable jelousy 

Builds up deep inside of me

people say they're jealous of me

they keep telling me 

that im handsome enough to be in magazines

and that i speak so confidently 

Even tell me how comfortably the feel around me 

But i cant see the resaon why im postively seen

as a beacon of happy go lucky creativity 

when really my art stems from a dark place

i look in the mirror and see a sad face

I dont undestand my existence 

I sold my soul to social competence

Im extremely sad

Really im sorry sack 

A plastic bag of black

painted to look glad 

but i get so mad

Just because im so sad

I dress up in the latest Fad 

But im just hiding

Sociatal law abiding

but inside im crying 

I wish i could be flying 

off to some different plane of reality 

But now im getting off point 

And some how it proves my point

Im a dark person 

Mentally and Physically 

But even thought i confess Im sad 

these gray rain clouds still hang heavily 

I just want to be a good guy 

But i might have to tell my gril of a year and half 

good bye

But i cant possibly stand to see her cry 

so does that mean I still care

I just wish i knew the right path 

I dont want her to feel bad

Because Im already so sad

And if i hurt her Ill be mad 

and right now she seems so glad

But im still jealous

Because I just want the things other couples got


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