Concorded souls

why it makes so much wind today oxygen consumed and pollution don't take as our own world
and if i fail you tell me once the fatal of the skin is feeling
It is that shudders my feeling and my soul faints
when there is not find any sample solution,
show your talent that most told me you loved me,
show me,shout,share to air how beautiful it is to breathe the subtlety of a fresh love
I have desire to touch deeply a soul
and what better choice this time is yours
but the color faded,how i do?
I invented a color that was not available
and then suddenly I see you,
I provided the brightness of your interior but,
but there is always a but,
is my soul confessed which always it has glory, consisting of obstacles,
which transferred without delirium,
without forgotten days,contemporary pain is already part of the past It is only concentrate on the sweet light of existence of life
and in the pain of your love that is my favorite,
your soul joined mine and distances do not lie
and our roads are built for themselves.


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