Concerto No. 7

The conductor raises his silver baton

Grandma lifts her silver spoon

The allegro commences: Illuminated by the tempo, the music lifts and spins

Under the fluorescent track lights the batter twirls and folds

The conductor counts- quarter note equals one twenty   

Grandma counts one dozen cups of carrots  

The adagio begins, the conductor dances to the syncopated measures

Grandma gyrates and twirls while measuring turmeric

The concert hall becomes saturated with sweet sounds

The kitchen is steeped in savory smells

The trumpets decrescendo as the melody transfers to the woodwinds

Grandma decreases the volume streaming from her record player

The piece is coming to an end

The patties are almost done baking

The conductor lowers his baton

Grandma lowers the oven doordoor

The audience roars its approval

We lick our lips and give her applause

The conductor bows

Grandma bows and smiles 

This poem is about: 
My family


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