Tue, 08/21/2018 - 15:00 -- Oryx


As I travel down the cool summer road, with the moon piercing through the cloudy sky.

Shining down its soft rays, the moonlight shimmers around me.

I breathe in, inhaling the odoriferous air of the present


As it starts drizzling, the tiny drops of rain kiss my face.

My mind starts to wander. I walk past a streetlight illuminating my mind.

Gazing at the intermittent amber glow of fireflies swirling around the darkened bushes,

I feel revitalized.


I feel at peace.

Like the eye of the storm.

A gentle breeze flows within.


The wind starts to pick up and the drops of rain become harsh.

I trudged through the puddles and shook.


Each peal of thunder hammering at my ears.

Each flash of lightning swiftly brightening the sky.


I look at the rain running down the side of the roads and notice that I’m home.

There is beauty in chaos, but comfort is a luxury.

I walk through the door and look outside one last time.

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Our world
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