I'm not great at school-

Never have been

So when it came time to look at colleges we were never sure I'd make it in 

And that was always okay with me

I already hated school even before I had to pay for it

Education seemed too pointless to go to school four more years for it

Community College- that seemed to be the solution

Two years in and out with less debt to the institution

So I was game

Easier courses, smaller classes, but the credits all the same

It sounded okay


So my parents dropped me off a little before the semester started

And I remember calling out as the mini-van departed

I was crying for my parents like my first day of kindergarden 

Except this time they weren't coming back

But the grass stains on my knees from where I crumpled to the ground

Begging for my parents to stop the car and turn around-

They faded

And by the time I stood back up it was time to be educated

And I didn't hate it-

Classes were kind of boring, but I guess that's unrelated...


But I think it was the people that really made me stay

I'd pass the same ones in the courtyard every day

I'd smile and wave, but I never got their names- 

But I knew them. And they knew me.

I was that really short girl who was always smiley, and

They were the people that I saw every day

And I could always tell when life wasn't going their way

By the droop in their eyes as they let out a "hey"

Like they were begging for someone to see them that way 

And not just as a person who was always okay

And I saw them. And they saw me 

In a way that's hard to do at University.


The semesters went by, and in the end 

I wound up with a really awesome group of friends

We say 'no regrets' when we stay out too late 

Except in the mornings, which aren't near as great-

And they talk me out of doing some really dumb things, 

Because my name may be Kait the Great, but I don't actually have wings-

And it's easy to forget sometimes

Because when you're going through college you're going through some trying times

Like, put the homework down and flat-out crying times

Or don't leave me alone, I think I'm dying times-

And none of us know what we're really supposed to do 

But we brace ourselves and we get each other through

And remind each other that "God is in this too,

And He wrote all of time and He hears you."


We know all-too-well that we're not quite adults yet

Our parents still remind us we don't pay for all our stuff yet

But we're not even sure if we're ready to grow up yet

Because friendships like we have, we're not ready to give up yet

So this may not be the real world, but it's real enough to me

Because I know the change it makes in people that I see

Like my friends who look out for me while my parents are away

Or the people that I pass in the courtyard every day

Because not a single one of us is great at growing up

But we're a community, and I've learned that that's enough


This poem is about: 
My family
My community


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

hey kait

you are a resilient young person that inspires me to appreciate life even so much more

i read your bio about what you're dealing's all about God being such a loving One

this is a poem that is about defining your purpose and finding out what God bless you with in terms of talents

always vent your thughts/ideas to The Lord and trust in Him

please promote this poem to mvp-most valuable poets

Kait McSwagger

I know I've said this five times already, but I seriuosly can't thank you enough for all your encouragment. I'm looking into how to promote a poem now. :)

MVP-Most Valuable Poet


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