Common Thread


alternate title – the grudge remains the same

Outlook grim viz beholding warp and woof reconciliation, 

   at social gatherings time and agin

mass elf listens to threnody inducing dot bin

reiterated within earshot
   of this LVII year old mwm tugging chin

that informs thyself,
   how genealogical weave incorporate din
gee bunched gaps rendering incomplete
    thine quilted fabric per descendents

equally substantial at this pro duce sing
   junction of middle adult existence

   than details known than when I whiz eleven

which virulent twittering, snapchatting,

   Bugaboo gainsaying, infiltrating
   and kindling, like an outcast,

that got erected an invisible omnipotent fen

dang go hearty. living poison

   (us scorpian perhaps vested gentry Strayer alumni)

   from one to another gen

er ration outliving any genetic trait

   passed along thine ancestral line of hen
pecking wives and endemic ‘twixt, and deeply entwined in
the microscopic strands of DNA transferred

   from one to the next kith and/or kin,

rode shotgun, the viz nemesis re: “silent treatment”

   doth thrive that hardy limn
bred from some forgotten slight,
   Kudzu rampant suffocating nin

comepoop figurative thorn in side, heavy-duty
   industrial strength pesky original pin
sir blithely festered, nursed, and stewed

   from unforgotten perceived or actual slight

engendering infinite yawning voids

   defying aid of Patch Adams or Doctor Quinn

foster invincible perturbation

   breeding dynastic feud that out rivals any casus belli

thwarting eradication with flanking maneuvers

   even sharper then tha teeth of caparisoned Rin

Tin Tin – though aye ham a Zeus see n
   green eggs consumer, this progeny begat

via mull ate mum and octogenarian

   widowers papa did genetically spin

off this topsy turvy male heir,
   who forever wonders with resignation
   why Harris Family tapestry so thin
contemplating, fixating and intuiting,

   who comprised my birth er preceding past

learning in fits and starts,
   as thy sole surviving patriarch looses to sub urban

dwelling son, a sprinkling of revelatory
   tidbits per when memory jogged

freeing a fragment constituting skein

   of preceding mommas and poppas, whose van

knit tee, ego or basic instinct to harbor psychic pier sing ire

   leaving blank swathes da void did information

   a dominant characteristic from yesteryear, wan
even Kernel Sanders no match
   per “bone to pick”, which spur ate away,
   eroded and isolated immediate uber brethren

   within cistern Harris Family

  in tandem with Kuritsky

   (the maiden sir name ova ma late mum), thus nary a

  clue, thine lineage linkedin gnome hatter

   I try to piece the tattered net.



This poem is about: 
My family


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