Common sense

You talk too much, and you blame the parrot.
You learn to hiss and you learn the origin of the snake.
You find a vessel and all you think is to pour all your fustrations and blame into it.
Just because you are Igbo and the vessel is Hausa.
Only a fool still tell the difference between tribalism and racism.
Brothers don't look too far, after all you said your sister should not marry because he is kanuri.
Now you can't tell me welcome if you don't know where my father is from.
You hid the kolanut and say I’m an outcast and it's an abomination to dine with me.
Forgetting that God made man with no identify or facial marks
Show me some respect, it’s just etiquette.

You go to London settle however, fight for equality and come back and use ethnicity,are you not foolish.
If I can't settle because I'm not a native
I can't buy land because I'm not a native
I can't say hi because I'm not a native
Then are we not still primitive?

Who are you to ask if my mother wasn't faithful?
If I had come from his loins or not?
I came with my head and not my legs
And dwellers are referred to as indigenes and indigenes say dwellers must go, did the Constitution not say we are all citizens?.

Should I come-plain when my leaders no only poly-tricks ?
Ubong said I couldn't leave with him, after all every tribe has a side or should I say site?

And our pregnant neighbor lost her life because she said ndi-igbo

Education is the key, I hear you sir, with no books in our school
Corruption was the case study when preacher man said faith must become culture.
All tribes have something in common like it or not we are bounded by corruption since we have no core-option

We are all members of his harems so don't come and form favorite.,. A prostitute have no place until the house wife acknowledges her.

We are all slaves to him, after all his is the judge of all, do you know who am talking about.
Social media?
Finally money has a competitor.
After all my country is bounded my this- unity I mean dis- unity.

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My community
My country
Our world
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