Coming of age.


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Everyday momma would take me to the window 


she would sit me on her lap


reach across and open the curtains 


 Sweetie, What do you see?


I see children laughing momma 


I see trees so high 


their leaves look like they're caressing the sky


I see a new born baby opening its eyes for the first time 


I see oceans, so beautiful they look endless


One day I may sail on them 


the possibilities endless 


And the sky, Oh the sky


so blue so innocent 


But it's not always a pretty blue 


sometimes it’s gray 


sometimes I see children crying 


starving, I see 


famine momma and poverty 


I see wars and blood 


I see guns with bullets not meant to protect but to kill


I see innocent people dying 


momma closed the curtains


And that day momma did the strangest thing 


she hugged me and whispered 


you’ve come of age 


it’s time you knew the world isn't such a pretty place.



This poem is about: 
Our world


DeMaree speechless. pure depth

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