Comin Back

Yo, my grades are startin to slip, all I hear from my parents is "Boy get a grip." I say "Ma don't trip." things could be worse, I could be a crip, blastin suckas and then goin to dip. So please be quiet or my boy is gonna do a pistol whip and leave your face with a rip, or leave a hole in your hip.
Come onnnn man! I just want a job right now, so I can buy a car, I only got 500 danggg I'm so far. But please don't think of me as a superstar. I'm not special, as a matter of fact I'm super slow like I'm in a room full of tar.
Stayin after feelin like crap, all I wanna do is work on rap. Also I'm trying to get stronger, doing pushups, situps, lifting and running, giving it all I got I just gotta do another lap.
But forget it, gotta concentrate cuz I'm comin back with a vengeance, you don't wanna be a witness.
Can't work as much, whenever I can though or ima have a hunch, at least I got time for lunch and won't even think about throwin a punch.
You know how I am when I come back, you'll want more like it's crack.
That's good this is the life for me, since I'm tryin to be all I can be.
Make this life good cuz you only live it once, if not you'll be alone with no job lookin like a dunce.
Don't ever to try and bring good names down, I'll wanna see what happens to you later you b**ch a** clown.


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