Come On Now, Join Me

Hey again. 
It's just me.
I got nothing to say
No games to play
No place to lay
It's only me.
Im here by myself.
My minds full of thoughts
But these thoughts they rot
Cause I'm a lone a lot
Just by myself.
No ones around.
There's no one to hear
What I love or what I fear
It seems they just won't come near
Cause no ones around.
How can they come?
I feel so very isolated
Empty now, my pride's deflated
My emotions seem all too serrated
For anyone to come
Or maybe they do
Even if it's just an hour
Someone decides to pick one flower
And hand it to me and with it power
To go out and do.
To do what I want.
To write my emotions down in song
To take what I have and move along
Yeah my journey may be kinda long
But I can do what I want.
So join me if you wanna.
My heart might feel a bit constricted
My mind might get a bit conflicted
But I'm here to stay, with no restrictions
So join me if you wanna.
Cause I'm done being by myself.
The friends I have are all I need
A love could bloom from the smallest seed
And in that moment I'll be freed
Cause I'm done being by myself
You in?


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