Come Back to Me Mommy

No one ever thinks it can happy to them 

It's starts off so very innocent 

Wine for dinner ,

Mimosas for brunch,

And then one day you take a closer look .... 

it's to late

Every second  of every minute of every hour is completely controlled by him 

He whispers in your ear ,scream ,yell, they don't get you like I do , he's lurking in every situation prompting you on what to say,

he knows just how to cut your family down ,

how to make them retreat away and at last 

Your alone ... With him and you curl up in bed with him ,drowning deeper and deeper Into your sorrows 

He's bad for you , sucks the life , the joy right out of you

Manifest anxieties to keep you coming back ;


And every time you do he's latches on a little tighter 


Some days I wonder how you feel, or 

Do you even realize that your stuck 

That your so deep in, the only thing that could save you is an act of God 

So I pray through the fights and fits 

Through the I hate you's and the I'm never coming backs 

I pray through the tears and the pain because I believe that deep down, past all of the bullshit he has created you're still there;

Come back to me mommy

This poem is about: 
My family


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