come back

and I walked outside and nearly broke my neck

trying to watch the stars because

that’s where I came from they tell me

but if the galaxies are in my bones

then where is this earth because

I feel like I’m gone already

and where did the dirt go

that used to be under my fingernails

when I’m sitting here watching this

blue screen and hoping oh I’m hoping

that when I disappear I’ll go back home

to the tree I used to climb when I was

too young to have my

heart broken

and lose my way

because when it was only the sun

that I had to worry about on my skin

then I didn’t have to worry about

losing my mind in this wasteland

without a hand on my shoulder

and I wasn’t alone

because I didn’t know there was

something wrong with being alone

when I was alone

but I’m back

and I miss

not being



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