Come on

Come on, what the hell you doin'?

Yellin' at me bout what I'm wearing

It seems my dress is too short,

Or my straps aren't thick enough

Or my shoulders are distracting the boys in class

It seems I'm showing too much skin, that you have to worry bout' my thighs

so you pull me away from my education to yell at me for this


When I'm walkin' down the street I have guys come up to me

Hey baby, they say, come with us

Like there ain't room for discussion

Like the things I'm wearin' is just for them

Like because I'm wearin' a sundress it means they can take me

treat me like an object, cuz that's what they want

to jump bones I mean

All of you tryin' to teach a women to conceal her body

Cuz it's a distraction to boys

an' yet you can't teach boys to R.E.S.P.E.C.T a woman

To tell em' that when she says no you don't keep going

that you can't just rape someone cuz you want it,

instead of worryin' bout what we're wearing and whether

it's distracting to the men

worry bout how to stop the bad things from happening to the women

stop shaming us

and instead protect us.



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