The Come UP

Call me keese keese Rodgers
Son these rappers but I never been a father
Other dudes, making moves
I’m in school like a scholar
Even he talk out his neck I will button up his collar

I’m trying to get what I deserve
They out slanging on the curb
But I invested in my words
I won’t lie, some second guessing
Then some testing with the herbs
But smoke sessions and caressing
Takes depression off my nerves

I work hard so my cash match my digits
Trying to go from rags to riches
Working hard in the books
I’m far past detentions
In front of the class, professor need my attention

I’ve came a long way from gangbanging and slanging
Now I have to guide the youth that’s the same thing that they’re in
Now I’m all in books, when the game changed I stayed in
They’re team got thrown out, don’t remain the same that’s flagrant
My mind is on progression, expression, and learning lessons
I’m moving in the right direction, succession and never resting
I’m working, I’m working, working until the sun up


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